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Is God Real?

“Is God real?” Three months ago, that’s the question Ally’s daughter Khristelle was asking. She wanted to believe but was struggling. Then, a miracle happened.

Without telling her parents, Khristelle wrote a letter to God asking him that very question. . .”Are you real?” She addressed it to God located in Heaven, and put it in the mailbox. A few days later, there was a letter for Khristelle with the return address of simply a smiley face. The letter was typed out from someone called “God’s Servant”. It’s difficult to give an earthly reason for how this all happened, but it’s clear it wasn’t just a random letter. It was one specific to Khristelle’s needs. A child writing a letter to God innocently expects a response from God. That’s what Khristelle believes happened, and it’s confirmed in her mind that God is for real.

Read the letter.