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Janelle Duncan

Mrs. Duncan is an excellent teacher. My oldest daughter had the privilege of having her for two years in preschool, and my youngest daughter had her for one year of preschool.

She always has a smile on her face, a great attitude, and doesn’t let the chaos of the crazy year get her down.

This past spring during quarantine, she went out of her comfort zone to create videos and online sources for her class. She also mailed packets to each student and made a few drive-by stops, social distancing style.

She has accepted the offer as a kindergarten teacher in the same school for this upcoming school year and is still staying in contact and making plans for the preschool class she had for one more social distancing style get together to allow students to see one another one last time and acknowledge those moving up.

Both my daughters love her as their teacher. They always talk about how Mrs. Duncan taught them this and that or showed them this and that. They know writing and letters and counting and shapes and colors and songs about days of the week and months in a year and so much more because of Mrs. Duncan’s time and effort throughout the year, even during quarantine. She is a great person, a phenomenal teacher, and Monroe is beyond blessed to have her on staff!

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