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Jennifer Parker

I came to Peoria High my sophomore year. I came from a Christian private school. I had never seen so many kids in one school. The first thing I did is join the Speech Team. The coach was Mrs. Parker. She was a huge support to me that year while I went through a lot of family difficulties.

My junior year, I went to her class every day during my lunch. By that point, everyone would assume I was her daughter. And by that point she basically was my second mom. She doesn’t have any biological children. But she “adopts” every kid she teaches. She knows her students and loves them. She has a huge heart and teaches in a very difficult environment. She regularly sits down her students to talk about what’s going on in their personal lives.

In my junior year, my mom got very sick. She was there for me. She helped me get all my assignments and catch up. She was there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through it without my extra mom.

In my senior year, my mom was in the hospital again. It was very stressful because I was taking very advanced classes. But I knew I had a place to go if I needed a minute.

Her and her husband call me their daughter. I just graduated and still regularly go over to their house. She truly became my extra mom. Although her and her husband don’t adopt every kid she’s taught. If you asked any kid who has sat in her class, they would tell you that she is like a mom. She loves her kids.

I truly have never known a better teacher. Although I have never been her student. I have personally witnessed a ton of her classes. She gets to know every kid. She knows what makes them mad and what makes them happy. She knows how to take a kid from uncooperative to calm. I could talk forever about what she has done for me and what I have seen her do for others.


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