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John Shaffer

Mr. Shaffer’s seen us students through music from the time we were wee-little fourth graders all through high school. He wouldn’t ever accept praise because he’s too humble, but the impact Mr. Shaffer has on the lives of students, the impact he’s had on my life, couldn’t be put into words… but I’m gonna try my best.

Mr. Shaffer has earned the utmost respect of students, more than any other teacher I can think of, because he loves to relate and just be real with us. He starts class out by asking how the football, volleyball, basketball, whatever game it may be, went. He loves a good discussion about college basketball and makes a point to ask daily just how my day is going and give me knucks. I feel like we just know he wants what’s best for us and won’t put up with what’s not acceptable.

More than just music, Mr. Shaffer teaches us life lessons spontaneously, when we don’t even realize it; life lessons that’ll influence and make a difference in the rest of our lives. Music is an ever-changing art, and Mr. Shaffer shows kids music is for everyone, from geniuses to star athletes.

What matters most though, and I feel like speaks the loudest volumes, is the radiant light that he shines for all to see. Even though he’s not openly able to discuss his relationship with Christ in the classroom, the way he lives with God-given joy and loves his students with Christ’s love makes an incomparable, everlasting difference in the lives of all his students. Just by who Mr. Shaffer is, you know he loves Jesus, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Along with being a chorus teacher, Mr. Shaffer commits endless hours to directing show choir. Show choir’s become a huge deal to our school. Our groups that come from a little ol’ high school of 350 students are able to compete with the big dogs of thousands because of the immense amount of time, effort, thought, and passion Mr. Shaffer pours into his students and our shows. He has provided opportunities even in just the last year for me, along with so many other students, to make memories that are irreplaceable and unmatchable, and I will never be able to express how much those experiences will always mean to me. He’s created an environment that I can just break out of my shell and we can be free to have a blast together and worship Jesus.

During this crazy time, Mr. Shaffer’s stayed so connected with us. He had multiple Zoom meetings with us and every time asks each one of us how things are going. Also, he offered voice lessons like he does every summer (over Zoom this year) so we could continue to get better as singers. It was so nice to have a sense of normalcy when not much of anything is happening normally right now. It’s been great to just shoot him and email to say hi and stay in touch!

God truly gifted our community with Mr. Shaffer. He’s such a chill, selfless man who desires more than anything to see students succeed. And the difference he makes in our lives daily by showing us we truly can do it if we put our minds to anything, the impact he’s making for the Kingdom by the way he lives and showing kids they’re loved more than they know, is just truly extraordinary.


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