Brian's Story

My 9-year-old son was having a really tough morning. School work was wearing on him, and he was feeling pretty dejected and somewhat overwhelmed. We had WCIC on the radio in the kitchen, and as he started crying, the song “You Are I Am” came on. I brought my other son over and just started praying, with both of them huddled together with me. It was a really powerful moment, just asking God to send that supernatural strength He has to my son so he can overcome what he's going through right now. The song is one of my favorites, and we were praying right as it talks about God conquering giants, walking through fire, and shutting the mouths of lions. I think he was really encouraged by it, hearing that nothing is too big for God to handle or help us with. So thank you for playing encouraging music and for passing along the Word of God through the airwaves here in Peoria and Central Illinois.

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