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Living On The Edge

Are you living on the edge? On the verge of the unknown? Just about to make a choice or maybe have a decision handed over to you? Toes touching the water and not sure what the next step will bring? That’s right where Joshua was.

As he stood on the banks of the Jordan River, the Promised Land on the other side, Joshua was living on the edge, and he was terrified! Or at least I’m guessing he was because over and over God tells him not to be afraid.

Are you afraid today?

Somehow I take comfort in knowing that Joshua, the mighty warrior, the one who conquered massive armies and powerful kings, might have been shaking in his boots a little. It makes him seem a little more human. A little more like me. Scared of the unknown. After being in charge for so many years, Moses had died, and God said it was time for Joshua to take the lead.

A decision handed over to him.

He’d heard the stories of how God parted the sea to save Moses and the Israelites, but now standing on the brink of the Jordan, would He do the same for Joshua?

Confusion. Uncertainty. Fear. Things we still feel today. Especially when we’re living on the edge.

But God gave three clear commands in Joshua 1: 6-9:

Be strong and very courageous.
Do not turn to the right or to the left.
Meditate on God’s word day and night and be careful to follow it.

And you know what he said would happen if Joshua did those three things? He’d be prosperous and successful.

But how?

The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

So God parted the Jordan. The Israelites crossed into the Promised Land. The walls of Jericho came a tumblin’ down. And the sun stood still because the Lord was fighting for Israel.

He’s fighting for you, too.

Let’s follow Joshua’s lead. He was successful because he was obedient. As much as we try, we can’t control our circumstances, our understanding, or others, but we can control our choice to obey God.

Even when we’re living on the edge.