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Maybe you can’t always be there, but He can!

Ready or not, the 2019-2020 school year is beginning! How are you feeling about it? Emotions all over the place? Oh boy, do I relate!

Having your child begin a new grade is kinda like riding a roller coaster. Exciting and scary all at once, and boy do you need to hang on tight! So many ups and downs you might encounter along the way!

For me, it all started when my daughter, Hope, began Kindergarten. I can still see her… long, brown hair, cute little plaid dress, and a Care Bears backpack. She looked so grown up! What happened to my little baby? I wasn’t ready to let her go!

Man, did I struggle putting her on the school bus. The driver and helper both seemed super nice, but they weren’t me! Then I freaked at the thought of her being in that big school! Her teacher seemed so caring and kind at back-to-school night, but she’s busy. Would all these people understand that Hope appeared confident, but on the inside she was too shy to ask questions? So many things to stress about! And I couldn’t be there to help. It was like a little piece of my heart was out in the big world. All alone. And I knew from experience, the world isn’t always kind.

But Hope was not alone. That’s what a wise friend encouraged me with as I cried on her shoulder. She said,

As you put Hope on that bus, picture Jesus with her. As she walks into school, imagine Jesus holding her hand. As you picture her in the classroom, at the lunch table, on the playground… think about how Jesus is there giving her the strength she needs to handle each one of those situations.

Whenever I’d start to get anxious about something Hope was facing at school, I’d think about that advice and remember even though I couldn’t be with her every moment, Jesus could, can, and always will be!

That image of Jesus being with my children wherever they go has always stuck with me. When they began grade school and then high school. When Hope went off to college and now as Alex is at boot camp for the Marine Corps. Places where I can’t be but Jesus can. And as He cares for them, I can pray for them. And you can, too!

Let’s do that for our kids! Let’s pray for their school year.

Father, we love you so much! Thank you for our precious children! As much as we love them, we know you love them even more. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for how you’ve prepared them for this place in life you have them right now. God, please be with them. Bless the year that is to come. We place it in your hands, God. We give this school year and our children up to you! We ask that you help guide our children. Please give them the strength and wisdom they need to face every situation. Help them make good choices, ones that are healthy and right according to your ways, God. And help them have hearts that love you and want to serve and follow you above all else! Thank you, God. We love you and ask all this in the name of your son, Jesus! Amen!