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Mrs. Ferguson

Mrs. Ferguson is such a blessing in our lives! She teaches Preschool to 3, 4, and 5-year-olds during the school year in Eureka, IL. We have had the privilege of having her for both our daughter and youngest son. She is such a genuine and loving teacher. Mrs. Ferguson is passionate about what she does, but most importantly, one can really tell that she truly loves each of the kids and the kids love her! When you walk into her room, her face lights up with a big smile. She always goes above and beyond!

Several years ago, she had my daughter in class, and she had the students put on spring shows for us displaying all of their art work as they sang and danced to songs that they had learned throughout the school year. It was really cute! She made the transition to Kindergarten very easy for my daughter.

During COVID-19, I got the privilege of watching her first-hand teach through Zoom and YouTube videos for my son’s class. Here is an example of one of her amazing lessons. Her lessons are definitely academically sound and engaging. I could already tell that they would be just based on conversations that I had had with her.

She sent home worksheet packets to go along with her lessons for her students. The packet included homemade playdough, a stuffed animal to comfort them during the unknown times with a sweet note from her around its neck, straws that she had cut up with string to make a necklace (to work on fine motor skills), a fruit snack, and a dice and shape stickers for a number/shape game.

She also posted video lessons and weekly stories for all of her students to continue their learning and to try to make things as “normal” as possible for the kids and to help engage them in learning while quarantined at home.

Later, Mrs. Ferguson had us pick-up a 2nd packet at her home (which you can view in the picture). One parent would pull up at her home in their car at staggered times and quickly get out to grab a 2nd packet and a star balloon for their child in her class as she waved at them.

Some of us could not afford to keep paying with the unknowns of COVID-19, but she continued to teach. She is dedicated to her students.

At the end of the year, she made a video in honor of the year for the kids to see since they were not able to get together and sent a Flat Mrs. Ferguson in the mail so that the kids could have adventures with her at home.

Once the governor said that we could get together, parents arranged for her to see one class at a time, social distancing, at the park. She always goes above and beyond for her students!

We signed up for Pre-school this fall not knowing if my son will be able to attend or not due to being able to find a sitter or not (If you are looking for a sitter with COVID-19, they are far and few, which I am sure you have found out.) I informed Mrs. Ferguson of this. She sent an email back with several sitters she knows of in the area and even offered a relative if we end up in a bind. We love Mrs. Ferguson, and she will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Thank you, Mrs. Ferguson, for all you do!!


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