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Mrs. Kelly Kauffman

Kelly Kauffman is one of the most amazing teachers who has made a difference in so many lives in Germantown Hills! Whenever previous students and parents mention her name, they sing her praises. She was my son’s kindergarten teacher this past year, and he thinks she was the nicest teacher. He likes that she makes funny sounds to describe noises. He also likes that Mrs. Kauffman helped him learn to read and that she is also really funny.

As a parent, Mrs. Kauffman has made a difference in his life and lives of the other students in her class. One of the first things that we talked about was how she prays for each of her students. She loves my son just like he was her own child. She nurtures her students with laughter, kindness, and with grace, never with unkind words or harsh tones. During remote learning when she would video chat with my son, I loved listening to the conversations between my son and her because she made him feel like the most special person. She even convinced him that he was really good at making his bed. She would point out how much he has grown and how she can’t believe all he has learned. They would also joke, and he would always ask when was the next time he could talk to her.

Mrs. Kauffman would be an incredible teacher to receive the $500 gift to enrich her classroom.


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