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Mrs. Tina Hasty

Hi I am Lilianna. I am nine years old. I think my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Hasty deserves to get the 500 dollars because…

She was always thinking about us, no matter what time it was. She had a special way with all the kids even when someone was not having a good day. Mrs. Hasty would find a way to help them have a good attitude. She was concerned about me when I broke my arm, and she would help me out. Whenever I walked into the classroom, she would cheer me up and help me have a great day. This year, she taught me how to do math and she knew how to teach each student the right way. In reading, she would help me with understanding words that I didn’t say right. She wouldn’t yell, just try to help. I loved her cheerful joy that would make everyone be happier. She would also spend one-on-one time with everyone, and we would feel special. Most teachers when they have a bad day, they get frustrated at their students, but my teacher would have a bad day, and she’d make her bad day funny. My mom was the librarian at the school, so sometimes I’d get to spend time with Mrs. Hasty like when I got clothing from her daughter and I got like twice of my wardrobe. Since I am very talkative, I’d understand if she would get frustrated like sometimes my family does though she’d rather make me feel special. That’s why I really, really want my teacher to win the 500 dollars for school so she can do the same things for the new 3rd graders.


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