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My Funny Valentine

“My Funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine, you make me smile with my heart!”

Thanks for sharing how your Valentine makes you laugh!

And congratulations to Leah from San Jose! She shared how her husband, Brenden, makes her laugh, and now they’re going to receive $500 to add to their date night budget this year!

Leah couldn’t pick just one story to share because she laughs at her husband on a daily basis! Whether it’s him laughing at his own jokes or being silly with their daughters. Her favorite thing is when he uses his southern accent from growing up in Georgia and says words that we pronounce differently up here. Like whale & well. They both sound like whale to him. Leah says it’s the best because he knows she will giggle at him!

Check out all the contest rules here.

A special thanks to Samaritan Ministries for making this giveaway possible.