My sister and I have a long history of arguing and saying hurtful things to the other. Our father was abusive, and we really didn't learn how to interact with self or others. We had another such fight last month, both of us saying 'unforgivable' things, and I was torn up inside. I was angry and depressed because I felt like I was letting my mother down, and I know that I was affecting my children with my overall attitude. One morning, as I was taking my daughter to school, I heard the song, "Losing", which I had already liked, but as I listened to the words, I looked over at my daughter and I said, "Listen to the words of this song. It is saying 'Father, give me grace to forgive them cause I feel like the one losing'. This is God telling me that no matter what has been said or done, I need to forgive". This fight was eating me up inside and totally affecting my life. I called my sister when I knew she wasn't home and left a long message telling her how sorry I was and that I loved her and I wanted to move on with living. I knew if I called her when she was home, she would be on the immediate defensive when I called, and another verbal altercation could occur. Everything worked out, and I have been working on letting God lead me in all aspects of my life. I even searched for and found a new church home. This church is awesome. I just started there last week but I know that I have found the place that God will work strongest in me!! I have definitely been at peace, and each time I hear the song, "Losing", I smile and thank God!!!! Thank you WCIC for sharing the beautiful and inspiring music and stories.

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