My Miracle Baby


Hello 91.5! I'm a big fan of the radio station. I never really listened to it until I had a lot on my platter after having my daughter who has been through a lot in four months. She's in 429 PICU of OSF St. Francis with intestine problems, a heart defect, and lung defect. I was told at five months of pregnancy that my daughter may not make it to see such an age because of chromosone 18. My heart pounded for the 2 weeks I waited for results. I had gone to the doctor's to hear that the results had come back negative for chromosone 18 but positive for chromosone 10 & cystic hygroma. He had also told me she'd have congenital heart disease with problems with the aorta and have holes in her heart. Three months later, I gave premature birth to a beautiful 4 lbs 6 ounces, 17.5 inches long baby girl, but I knew we weren't going anywhere for a while because I never heard the cry of her voice while delivering her. When the big day came for her first open-heart surgery, I waited from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. in the O.R. waiting room to find out she did well but it would be a while for me to get to see her. Two hours passed, and I was so anxious to see her; that's when I thought my whole world was crashing through. I was told to go back into the room. As a mother, I did not listen; I stood there with eyes full of tears knowing my baby was in critical condition. As she traveled from the O.R. to the PICU, she had heart failure and her lungs collapsed. They had put her on a life-support machine-- the most sad thing ever. They let me watch them save her life. When I had no trust in them, they made my life take a 360 and made me trust in and believe in them. Time had passed, and nothing was getting better. They had to go into her chest only to find she had an infection in her lung. After having another surgery, she has since come off her ECMO, and she has been tolerating NO breathing tube. She has been incubated her whole life, and I know God has been by her side through it all. She has been struggling, but I know with great music from your radio station to calm us and with God, anything can happen. I am on my phone writing this in the hospital. Keep my little Bryanna in your prayers. She has been hospitalized since birth, and she's almost four months old. Love, her mommy.

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