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Prom for Pennies

Well, maybe not literally. But wouldn’t that be nice? Prom can be expensive! But does it have to be. . .

I’ve learned a valuable lesson about hair. The first year my daughter went, I booked an appointment to have hers done. I’m not sure who was more excited at that point – me or her. I saw it as an opportunity to play dress up again with my “little girl.” And she was all in!

The beautician did a gorgeous half-up do. Curls. Pins. Spray. Beautiful! We were thrilled. . .until we paid. $75. Before tip. Yikes! Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s kinda pricey for something Cinderella- like.  Gone by midnight. And then in an ironic twist, her curls went limp even quicker than that. The group she went with took pictures on the riverfront. Beautiful setting. Horrible for hair.

Lesson learned.

The next year, a girlfriend did her hair for free. Just as beautiful. No huge price tag. That friend is now studying to be a nurse. If she changes her mind, I know what she should do instead!

So how do you do prom on a budget? I’d love to hear your ideas! And here’s an article with a few good ideas: