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Ryan McKinsey

As difficult as the times have been the past handful of months, there are brave individuals who still understand that acknowledging safety is important, but the education of our children is essential. Ryan currently works with children that often have compromised learning behaviors and/or students that have already fallen behind in their schools due to the virus. The job can be stressful when the children are having a difficult day. It takes a great deal of patience to rise above the conflicts that can occur in the classroom. More importantly, Ryan does his best to go out of his way to help bring in supplies for the facility for the children to use. He knows the importance of opening up a book instead of focusing on electronics. The children are also taught how to better respect their other classmates as well as boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. The students are kept busy with activities throughout the day that always include some hands-on work for the students to engage in. Some of the students that attend the academy may have difficulties outside of school, and Ryan always makes an effort to help the children by listening to them and answering questions they may have. He loves teaching, and his goal is to become an American History teacher. There are teachers that are refusing to work with kids in a school setting due to the virus, but I believe it’s people like Ryan that rise above the challenges with the intent to accomplish the most important goal. To educate our children. No education will make life harder for children; while as parents and teachers, it’s their job to ensure the children have the best possible chance at overcoming the current issues the world is facing. I’m very proud to say that Ryan is stepping up and doing his best to provide the students with as much as possible!


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