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Jill and Jeremy

Jill and Jeremy's last day hosting WCIC's Mornings with the Traceys was Friday morning, July 19. They have accepted invitations to host a new morning show in Omaha for a newly-formatted Christian station there. Jill and Jeremy leave Peoria with heavy hearts as they have deep roots in this community and have hosted a show together at WCIC for more than a decade. But with joy, they are answering the call they sense God has given them in Nebraska.

From 1995 to 1998, Jill worked for WCIC before moving to Charlotte, where she and Jeremy met at another Christian radio station. In 2004, Jill & Jeremy came to Peoria and together began their current season with WCIC. Their daughter Alyssa was born in 2006, and Jill and Jeremy started hosting WCIC's afternoon show together later in 2007. Jill and Jeremy moved to hosting the morning show in 2012, the summer before Alyssa started first grade. Alyssa grew up at the WCIC studios, and is entering the eighth grade this fall! Alyssa's voice was sometimes featured on parts of Jill & Jeremy's show, and she hosted an interview with for King & Country earlier this year on WCIC.

"It's been a joy working closely with both Jeremy and Jill these past 15 years. It's a rare blessing to get to work with people you also consider to be close friends. I'm so thankful. They've served listeners and co-workers faithfully, with excellence." - Dave Brooks, Station Manager

What's Ahead for WCIC

You can now hear Mornings with Brian & Janine weekdays from 5:30 am to 9 am. Brian Williamsen and Janine Fairchild have worked together on the afternoon show for the past year, and are looking forward to spending their mornings with you! Kira Kyle will host the afternoon show.

Both Jill and Jeremy will continue to work part-time with WCIC for an interim, helping with talent-coaching, scripting, program direction, and other off-air work which has been a part of their current roles. This will help provide continuity in a huge way as we adjust through this season of change.

Some of Our Favorites

Words from Friends

Jill and Jeremy, thank you so much for all you've done for me professionally here at WCIC. From having me as an intern, to being hired part-time, to helping me today with my Production work and on-air training. You guys have been instrumental to all that I've been able to do at the radio station. And as great as you've both been to work with, you've been even better friends. WCIC will not be the same without you here, but know that you've left a huge, long-lasting impact on the station, the listeners, and your coworkers. Wishing all the best for you both as you start this new journey. - Mark, Production Director

Jill, I was so thrilled to hear you back on the radio when you returned from Charlotte. It was the return of an old friend... not just because I knew you from our 90's Bible study but because your voice on the radio was like a friend as well during your early years here. Since joining the WCIC staff in 2014, you have inspired me so much with your script writing and your gift for naming things we are doing on-air. Jeremy says "brainstorm" and I look for our secret weapon, Jill Tracey. You helped me be courageous during some very difficult transitions in my life, and no one hosts a fundraiser like you and Jeremy do. - Kira, weekdays noon to 3

Jill and Jeremy, we will miss you greatly but send you off with much love and many prayers. As Dave Brooks said, you have served faithfully and with excellence - bringing joy and wisdom into the daily lives of your listeners and those who know you. Your fingerprints are all over New Life Media, and will be felt for years to come. I know the KGBI team will be blessed by your talent and your hearts! - Jenn Briski and the WBGL staff in Champaign

Buddy, I'll miss having you around. I truly appreciate the time you've invested in me the past couple of years. Thank you for all of your advice and direction on hosting a radio show. I really enjoyed our sessions every week. Excited for what God has ahead for you in Omaha. Remember: Go Huskers! - Brian Williamsen, The Afternoon Show

Jill, I'll miss having my 1970's sister here, and how we could totally relate to all things 80's. Go, mall bangs! Plus I'm miss your quick wit, beautiful smile, and limitless love for your family. - Janine Fairchild, The Afternoon Show

Jeremy, as many of us can say, you've taught me so much of what I know about radio. But more than that, you have been the brother I always wanted. How you treat Jill (and how she treats you) has been such a blessing to me. You make me laugh with the outlandish things you say... especially when they are the things I was thinking but didn't dare say out loud. You are an incredible and brave leader. You put up with me, which isn't always easy. I do not know what I will do without you in my daily life. But I want all God has for you guys in Omaha, and beyond. Visit often. - Kira, weekdays noon to 3

Jeremy, I will miss your passion for good radio, goofy jokes, and your compassionate nature. You're the one who taught me everything I know about radio! - Janine Fairchild, The Afternoon Show

Jill, thank you for getting me started at WCIC! I'll always appreciate the reviews of my weekend shows and your helpful tips. I've enjoyed working with you and will miss having you around. The listeners at KGBI are in for a treat every morning. Enjoy Omaha and hope you guys have an amazing Run-za there! - Brian Williamsen, The Afternoon Show