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Mornings on WCIC

Weekdays, 5:30 - 9:00 a.m.

Greetings from your morning show!

Hey, it's Brian & Janine! Come hang out and share a few smiles as we take a look at the bright side of life. It's all part of the conversation with you every morning.

Maybe it's processing life's awkward situations, like when you go in for a handshake but the other person comes in for a hug.

Maybe it's wanting chicken drumsticks sent to you in the bank drive thru tube instead of a sucker...well, if you're Brian, that is. Janine would prefer some kale, instead.

Maybe it's pondering why some phrases exist like "It doesn't hold a candle to that" or "Passing with flying colors."

Maybe it's seeing how prayer really works or seeing how God is good, even through the unknowns and difficult times in life.

Maybe it's sharing those "Wow God" moments with each other.

Whatever it might be, it's so much fun hanging out with you!

Wait, your life isn't perfect? Oh good, you'll fit right in. We're just two broken people, doing our best to serve God.

Brian began his career in television news, then worked in government. Janine taught high school speech. Somewhere along the way, they decided to trust God's plan instead of their own and ended up in radio at WCIC. Learn a little more about Brian and his family here. Learn a little more about Janine and her family here.

Call or text 888-691-9150, or stop by Facebook to join the conversation. Talk with you soon!

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