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Who tells the sun to rise every morning
Colors the sky with the shades of His glory
Wakes us with mercy and love
Jesus does

Who holds the orphan, comforts the widow
Cries for injustice, feels every sorrow
Carries the pain of His children
Jesus Does

So we sing
Praise to the Father
Who gave us the Son
Praise to the Spirit
Who’s living in us

When I was a sinner
He saved me
From who I was
Yeah that’s what Jesus does

Who understands the heart of the sinner
Showers His grace over all our mistakes
Washes us clean with His blood
Jesus does

Who sings the song of sweet forgiveness
Who stole the keys to hell and the grave
Who has the power to save
Jesus does

Oh what a Friend
Oh what a Savior
He’s always been good
He’s always been faithful

He came to my rescue
When I needed him most
And saved my soul

Jesus Does
We The Kingdom
Jesus Does Licensed to YouTube by:
UMG (on behalf of Sparrow (SPR)); ASCAP, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., Capitol CMG Publishing, and 2 Music Rights Societies

About This Song

"We are just so excited about our brand new single called Jesus does. This song is so special to us, its been a part of our life for about five years now and we just held it close to our heart. And my favorite lyric in the song is in the chorus and it said when I was the sinner he saved me from who I was, cause that's what Jesus does. And also in the bridge it says oh what a friend, oh what a savior, he's always been good he's always been faithful. He came to my rescue when I needed him most and he saved my soul. And I just feel like that is such a true part from my story and for all of us in the band that God really rescued us from a really dark situation, and I'm so grateful for that, I am so grateful for the ways that Jesus has saved me. And this song just makes me think about like he calls the sun to rise in the morning, he sustains the breath in my lungs, like he rescues me from the worst times, and I know that he can do that for you. So i don't know where you are in your life, what you might be walking through but I know that Jesus has rescued me and in the same way I know he will do it for you, so I hope this song really encourages your heart and prompts your heart to just worship and trust him because he has always been good and he's always been faithful" -Franni Cash of We The Kingdom

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