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When this broken world is breaking me down
When my tears and knees both fall to the ground
When my questions make me doubt You more than ever
You remind me that Your answer is always “never…”

Never forgotten
Never forsaken
Never abandoned
Not for a second
I am safe in Your hands
Always and forever
You’re never not working
My heart is the proof
There’s not a broken too broken for You
Will there ever come a day when You’re not holding me together?
You say “never”

Every single time I look back I see
There’s never been a promise You didn’t keep
You don’t waste the wounds, You use them for the better
When it comes to You Your answer’s always, “never ”

You never let me down
No, You never let me down
When did You ever let me down?
Never, No Never

You never let me down
No, You never let me down
When did You ever let me down?

You say “never”
You say “never”

You never let me down
When did you ever let me down?
Oh, never

Written by Tasha Layton, AJ Pruis, Keith Everette Smith, Matthew West
The Orchard Music (on behalf of BEC Recordings); Audiam (Publishing), Essential Music Publishing

About This Song

"Hey this is Tasha Layton. When your tears and knees both hit the ground and your just feeling the weight of life sometimes your tempted to think God's forgotten me, maybe he's forgotten about the desires of my heart. God I is see you working in other people's lives but what about me. My prayer is that this song serves as a reminder that you are never forgotten, never forsaken, never abandoned, and that God is close to you in this very moment, and he'll never let you down, that he won't waste anything your going through but he'll use it for the better." -Tasha Layton

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