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When I think my faith isn’t big enough
To make this mountain move
When my strength’s finally given up
I’ve done all I can do

It’s a too familiar story
But you’ve always been there for me
Even now I trust you’ll get me through

When I’m kicking and screaming
When I struggle believing
God, You are always faithful
No matter what
When my eyes cannot see it
And my heart doesn’t feel it
God, You are always faithful
No matter what

God you know my humanity is anything but whole
Still you say that you want me and you won’t let me go

Without a doubt over and over
You put my burdens on your shoulders
It’s never been about what I can do
It’s always you

No matter if I have the faith
No matter if I see a way
You’re with me right now and always
No matter if I have the strength
No matter the choices I’ve made
You fight for me now and always, always
No matter what

God, You are always faithful
No matter what

© 2021 BEC Recordings
Words and music by Jordan St. Cyr, Chuck Butler & Ryan Shirley

About This Song

""No Matter What" was written through a hard personal season. The revelation I received through it changed everything. I began to understand the faithful nature of God really has nothing to do with me. My Heavenly Father stands in the trenches and fights for me, not because I have somehow done something to earn His favor. He is faithful not because I am faithful. Rather, it's because He loves me unconditionally. No matter what this life may bring, the choices I make, the amount of faith I have, I know that God is with me. " (Jordan St. Cyr)

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