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Spoil My Mom Winner

Congratulations to Vikki! She won WCIC’s Spoil My Mom and will be spoiled with something she enjoys this Mother’s Day!

Here’s what her daughter, Olivia, shared about her: 

My mother deserves to be spoiled because she has been my only example of Christ. She has always had my back, believing and praying one day I would change my life and live for Christ. Just a few months ago, at age 28, I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer that had metastasized to my spine, hips, and some ribs. She immediately got a prayer team together for me. On days I feel like doing nothing, she does everything with my appointment, my medication, and helping with my children. When I am sad, she drops everything to be at my house within minutes to pray with me. She has encouraged me so much that I have started going to her church, and I have completely changed my life all because of her. 

Thanks for casting your vote! The runners-up, Odemaris and Elaine, will be getting a little spoiling as well, thanks to Mosquito Joe of Springfield!