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Brian Miller

Director of Donor Development

brian miller

Brian Miller

Fundraising Director

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I love helping people realize their dream of helping others hear about Christ through music and programming of WCIC. My wife Laura and I have three boys: Max, Griffin, and Hudson.

I grew up in a house that went to the Catholic Church. We were "holiday" Christians, going to Christmas Eve vigil, Christmas morning, Easter, and sporadically throughout the year.  I wasn't a bad kid. I became an Eagle Scout, worked camp staff for seven years, and played on the high school football team, wrestling team, track team, school band, choir, and show-choir.

When I made that decision though, to follow Christ personally, things changed. It was during high school, right in my parents driveway late one night. I quickly chose to attend a small private Christian college, Huntington University, instead of going to a bigger University that I had been accepted to. By choosing to go to Huntington, I ended up being surrounded by Bible-believing Christians that totally knew more than me to the Nth degree. I benefited from their friendship, learning about the Bible and what it meant to be a Christ follower. It also helped me to come to work at New Life Media in a round about sort of way.

For 25 years, I spent my free time and then career time with the Boy Scouts of America, but while I was in college I had a radio show that my roommate and I did from ten to midnight for 3 years. As we were going into our last semester of senior year, I was student teaching and my roommate was doing his ministry practicum. We suddenly realized  it would be great to do our radio show as a job one day, sending the message of God out through music. The real problem was that since we were not communication majors, no one pushed us to follow through on that dream.

After graduation I went to work for the Boy Scouts for ten years, first in Indianapolis and then in Peoria. During my time in Indianapolis, I felt that urge for radio once again, and specifically to do radio in Peoria. At that urging, my former roommate and I made the journey to Peoria in 2006 to take a listen to hear what we could on the air waves of Peoria. Alas, we heard WCIC and decided that it wasn't meant to be. We journeyed back to Indiana.

Unbeknownst to me, God was still pushing me towards Christian radio in Peoria... just not on-air. I continued my journey with the Boy Scouts, honing my fundraising, volunteer training, and planning skills, and eventually taking a move to the Peoria W.D. Boyce Council. After being there for three years, I felt that urging again, happened to pickup a Thanksgiving edition newspaper, and saw an ad that said, "Help Wanted: fundraising for Christian radio network." I didn't know then that the job was for WCIC; I just knew it was my chance. I applied and have been here since early 2011. Thinking that I knew what God's plan was for me, I found out that we are only shown just what we need to know when we need to know it.

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