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Ellee Skiles

Office Manager and On-Air Host

Ellee skiles

Ellee Skiles

Office Manager & On-Air Host

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First I encountered Jesus – then I encountered WCIC. I had just lost all of my friends, because my love for Jesus made me “un-cool” on the school scene. My family didn’t understand my new decision, and were not supportive (until they encountered Him years later). WCIC was my only friend traveling with me on my new faith journey day to day. My new church family was so kind, but most of them did not live nearby, or go to my school. My alcoholic, biker dude of a step-dad didn’t tolerate anything pertaining to God. He would physically throw you out of the house if you even mentioned God!

That left me running to hide my new Bible and to spin the radio dial off of WCIC when I heard that old Harley rumbling up the road. That was back in 1985 when the station was brand new. I would wait till he and my mom had fallen asleep each night, and I’d turn my boom box down super low, and would lie on the floor with my ear pressed against the speaker, straining to hear whatever words of hope and encouragement I could glean to get me through the next day. At that time, broadcasting ended at midnight and didn’t resume until the next morning. It was always such a bummer when it was time for the station to go off the air, and I prayed that someday God would help WCIC be able to broadcast 24/7.

Fast forward to now. What marvelous things God has done! WCIC is cranking out hope around the clock and reaching people in Central Illinois and beyond. My mom and my step-dad found Jesus. Others in my family have come to know Him. I have become a new creature in Christ (with a career in radio, as it turned out 😊). I can hardly contain my joy, or adequately express how incredibly blessed I feel to have gone from a brand-new listener who didn’t know Genesis from Revelation, to having learned so much about God through years of listening to WCIC, to now being an integral part of this ministry both on-air and in the office. God’s plans are so much bigger than ours! I can’t wait to see what He has in store for the future, for you and me both - to Him be all the glory!