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Janine Fairchild

Morning Show Co-host | Director of Business Sponsors

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Janine Fairchild

Morning Show Co-host

Director of Business Sponsors

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“You should try listening to WCIC!” Those were the wise words my big brother, Danny, shared with me in 1997. I had been married two years and just became a mom. He knew WCIC played good music for me and my family. Little did he know that it’d also lead to my future career!

And how could he have? At that time, I was teaching high school speech and English, directing the fall play, and coaching speech team. A career in radio was the furthest thing from my mind! I was too busy grading papers and changing diapers. I did have interest in media, though. I went into college wanting to be the next Katie Couric on the Today show. But I graduated with a teaching degree instead, hoping it would allow for more time with family. After five years of teaching, I retired. I loved those kids, but now that I had two of my own, my heart was longing to be home with them. And that’s when God stepped in and did something amazing.

I started listening to WCIC all the time. It became my lifeline. Each song ministered to me and was like a stone along the path of my faith journey. I joined a Bible study for the first time. When I put the kids down for their naps, I’d dive into God’s word. I had been a Christian all my life, but Jesus was drawing me into a deeper relationship. He wooed me through Christian music and His word. I fell head over heels in love with Him.

In 2005, WCIC had a Christmas open house. I was so excited to take the kids to meet everyone at the station! Jill & Jeremy Tracey had just joined the team and were the first ones to greet us. By the time I left, I had made new friends. Jeremy even asked if I’d come back and do some voice work because he felt like I belonged here. I couldn’t believe it! Before I knew it, I was a part of the team. I plan to be for as long as I possibly can.

I’ve been married to Greg since 1995. We have two children, Hope and Alex. I feel blessed beyond all measure.

So, that’s me. I’m just a girl who knows the joy of the Lord as my strength. I have many flaws and weaknesses. I’m not afraid to share them and sometimes even laugh at them as long as they show how God is bigger than anything I fear. And maybe give some encouragement and a smile along the way.

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