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Jeremy Tracey

Morning Show Co-host | Operations Director

jeremy tracey

Jeremy Tracey

Morning Show Co-host

Operations Director

309.692.9242 ext 230

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If I were to travel back in time and talk to my younger self, younger Jeremy would have this reaction: I guess I shouldn't invest too much in the hair products...

What there's going to be a new Star Wars in 25 years!?! That's awesome!

Radio?! HUH?! You're kidding right!?

God reaches into our lives in amazing ways. He takes an insecure kid and fills him with His love and helps him realize he has something to share with the world. That's pretty much my God story in a nutshell.

Who has helped me along the journey? My awesome wife Jill, my daughter Alyssa, a great group of friends and, honestly, you. Sharing life with you on the radio every morning has been an amazing way God has shown His love to me. I hope it encourages you as well.

Stuffing pencils in lockers for "Pencil Me This" with Jill and Alyssa