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Joe Buchanan

Station Manager

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Joe Buchanan

Station Manager


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From the time I was a child, I understood the power of music to bring hope. It was my lifeline in so many hopeless circumstances. (You can hear my story here.) Besides just loving music, I found myself clinging to my radio when I felt lonely. It made me feel like someone else was out there. I wasn’t alone. I now love how Christian radio truly helps people get connected to God and to each other.

My love for music and my love for people is what led me to radio back in 1995. I loved how Christian radio could truly help people get connected to God and to each other. After only a couple weeks of working a short weekend shift, I knew this was the calling God had on my life. I spent the next seven years on air and programming music at WGSL/WQFL in Rockford, and then in 2003, I joined the staff at WCIC’s sister station, WBGL. Besides just being “behind the music,” I have especially loved my time on-air and the opportunity to share daily hope and encouragement with listeners. I truly believe that if people knew how loved and valued they were, there isn’t anything they couldn’t do for the Kingdom of God.

What really lights me up is spending time with my family. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing wife, Tara, and I’m so grateful for her love and influence in my life. She has made me a better man! We’ve been married for 25 years, and we have four children: a daughter, JoLeigh (22), and three sons, Stephen (20), Jeremiah (16), and Sawyer (13). In the past few years, God has given Tara and I a passion for building Christ-centered marriages, and out of that we began our blog and podcast, Behind Our Smiles. We’ve seen God work miracles in our marriage, and we love seeing Him do the same for others.

One of my favorite quotes is from Bob Goff that I paraphrase as: “Let the light of God shine so brightly in you, it makes people squint so hard that they can’t even see you anymore.” That’s my hope and prayer as I serve here at WCIC. That I would reflect God’s love in a way that points people to Him! My favorite Bible verses right now are found in Psalm 139 (16-18) His thoughts are so precious towards us and there are so many they cannot be counted!

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