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Step Out of the Boat



Have you ever felt God calling you to something that might seem a little scary?

Sometimes God asks us to step out in faith and trust Him.

And when He does that, sometimes we start to question, “Did I hear You right, God? Do You really want me to do this?”

There might be hesitation because we’ve gotten used to life as it is. Maybe we’re really happy with how things have been going.

But when God is calling us out to walk on the water with Him – and follow in His plan for our life – that’s not the time to stay in the boat. Even if the boat seems safe and cozy.

Maybe you’ve had moments like that in your life where you came to a crossroads and you chose to step out of the boat.

Maybe you felt a little nervous; maybe there was a little dread; maybe there was excitement!

You can feel a lot of emotions all at once, and I think I have felt them ALL lately.

I’ve been given the opportunity to be the Program Director at one of WCIC’s sister stations in Iowa: Life 101.9.

And I’m getting out of the boat.


It has been a privilege to serve at WCIC for the past 13 years and to join you every weekday afternoon for the past 2 ½ years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be a part of your day.

I’m grateful for every phone call, every text, and every Facebook comment where we’ve gotten to interact.

If you listened to Afternoons with Rick & Jessie for even a minute these last couple of years, I hope you experienced joy and fun and God’s love.

And I pray this ministry continues to bless you and helps you deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Forever grateful,

P.S. Please constantly remind Rick of the Cubs’ supremacy over the Cardinals for me 😉