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Barbara in Illiopolis

I was bullied in school to the point that at 16, I was tired of life. I was so low that I thought of several ways to commit suicide. One of those ways was going off a bridge into the river. It was a particularly low spot.

Then I was taking my brother to an orthodontist appointment, and the winter roads were slick. The car hit an icy spot as we were climbing a ramp to the interstate. We spun and ended up on the other side of the overpass, but our car was somehow facing the right way as if I’d pulled over and parked it there.

It made me realize, “God is with me.” He showed me what it would feel like in an out-of-control car… what it would be like if there was NO GOING BACK.

Today, I have a great family, and my trust in Him is unshakable.