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I lost my mom unexpectedly in March of 2017. I struggled to move past my anger with God for taking her. Around that time, Colton Dixon’s song “The Other Side” started playing on WCIC and it helped me finally start moving on. But the biggest effect the song had on me was on the 1st anniversary of her death. I had gone home to Peoria visit her grave and as I was leaving the cemetery, “The Other Side” started playing. I felt some peace, but later in the afternoon, after visiting friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, I went to my mother’s house, now my sister’s house. I wanted to see her and our other sister before leaving town. I parked in the driveway to wait. I shut off the engine, but left the key in so the radio stayed on. Within moments “The Other Side” began to play again. Finally the weight of the prior year lifted completely off of me. I felt God was telling me that I would see my mom on that other side whenever He calls me home to Heaven. I still miss her, but I look forward to being with her again. Thank you for giving me hope and peace.