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Denise in Galesburg

“I used to have a very bad temper. About 14 years ago, before I found WCIC and renewed my faith, I was under a lot of stress. I am a single mom and was working full-time at a grocery store while working from home as a cake decorator. I had a cake order due and was washing dishes in a hurry. I washed a glass and set it on the towel to dry, but it tipped over. It was a breaking point for my already near-to-boiling temper. I scooped up the glass and slammed it down on the towel where it was supposed to sit. The glass shattered, slicing my hand in three different places.

While the ER doctor was getting ready to stitch my wounds, he kindly asked me if there was anyone I could talk to when I get this angry. The air left my lungs, leaving me speechless. I had never ever thought my temper was a problem until I had to admit it to a healthcare professional. What had I been doing? It was a life-changer.

I see the scars today and remember that very moment when I changed my life and began relying on God for patience and kindness and leadership. I have come close to that temper a couple of times since then, but I have told God NEVER AGAIN, and it is a promise I intend to keep.

Sometimes I feel my scars ‘itch,’ and I think that it is God saying ‘remember.’ I am thankful for my scars that lead me to make a great change in my life.”