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Jacklyn in Sherman

I found myself at a crossroads in life.

My husband of 10 years no longer wanted to be married. I was lost, confused, and angry at God. He knew how hard I was fighting for my family to stay together. How could He let my marriage fall apart?

I lost myself and knew that without God I wouldn’t get through it all. 

I would listen to WCIC on the morning drive taking my kids to school. Plumb had a few songs that were tugging at my heart, and my mom surprised me with the tickets to her concert in Clinton.

At that concert, I felt God telling me He has always been listening to my prayers and has never left my side. He will continue to be with me. He has a plan for me; I just need to trust Him.

It’s been four years. I’ve grown closer to God and rely on Him with every situation that comes my way. I am so thankful for your radio station. God truly is speaking to us through the music you play!