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“I used to be a TEAM40 member, but during the spring fundraiser, I had to call up because due to COVID, my husband was let go from his job. It came with company housing, which means we also lost our housing. I shared it on the prayer page, and it was so great to have so many people praying for our situation and what to do.

We made the decision to move to a different state about 8 hours away from where we were living, and I have been blessed with a job that is doubling the wages I’ve ever made in my profession.

By nature I tend to worry and dwell on things, but I just felt God’s presence through this whole situation. With the commute to my new job, I have an hour each way, and I put on the WCIC app because I don’t have a Christian radio station here. I’m truly blessed by WCIC and the members who listened and supported when I had to step back. There are people who are able to, and I hope in a few months or a year I can come back.”