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Sunbeams and Raindrops

Have you ever seen the sunshine while it’s raining? Beautiful, but totally unnatural, right? Clouds are what we expect to see when our umbrellas are pointing toward the sky. But boy does it put a smile on my face when I see sunbeams mixing with raindrops. Sometimes the unnatural is just what we need.

Weather forecasts can be unreliable and so can our lives. Crazy as it sounds, uncertainty seems to be one the most dependable things in this shaky world. Things seem to be going along just fine, but then one phone call, one conversation, one choice can shift everything. What we thought was our security, is taken away in an instant. The comfort of “it” is suddenly gone.

So when change shows up, what are we left with?




Those feelings seem to be the most natural responses. But what if instead of giving in to those anxiety-laced emotions… what if we choose one that almost seems unnatural… trust. Trust in God as our refuge, our only true security.

He’s waiting and holding out His arms, ready to catch us when everything else falls around us. His strength will hold us up even through the most uncertain times. Umbrella ready for the storm but waiting for the sunshine.

“The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”
– Deuteronomy 33:27