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Thank You, Lindsey

Lindsey in garden

When you spend two years with someone every single morning, you get to know them. They become your friend. Our friend, Lindsey, is following God's next mission for her life and has left the morning show at WCIC.

We are sad but so excited to see God work through her as she continues to pursue God with passion!!

"I am sad to see my friend leave the morning show, but I know that I've learned so much and have grown in my relationship with God because of my friendship with Lindsey. She challenged me to look at God through a different lens, and for that I am grateful!"  -Chris (co-host of Mornings with Lindsey and Chris)

Station Manager Joe B said, "I’m so grateful for the time we’ve had with Lindsey and for the impact she has had on our listeners. She brought a ray of sunshine to the morning show and has spread so much kindness in our community. I’m confident that God has great things in store for her and her family! Thank you, Lindsey, for serving our listeners so well!"

Lindsey, you will be missed, but we are so thankful to be your friend!!!

From all of us at WCIC, listeners and co-workers. You are loved!!