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The Heart of Our Father

Five loaves. Two fish. As much as the disciples wanted to sit at the feet of Jesus, they couldn’t deny that the crowd that was listening was getting hungrier and hungrier. How in the world would they feed everyone? It was impossible!

But there was this one little boy who made all the difference- by simply bringing what he had to Jesus. With that small gift, that one act of faith, Jesus was able to do abundantly more than they ever could have imagined. No one left hungry. That's the heart of our Father!

I’m Joe Buchanan, WCIC Station Manager. I’ve always been so encouraged by this story. How God can and does work through us in ways that are bigger than us.

Like the disciples, WCIC is facing a challenge. Because the financial need was not met during the Spring Fundraiser due to COVID-19, we need to get back on track.

Time and again God has worked through regular people simply sharing what they have. A loaf here, a fish there. When we can come together and bring what we have and ask God to bless it, amazing things happen. Lives are changed!

You will have that opportunity during a special two-day summer fundraiser on June 4th & 5th. Thank you for praying about what God would have you bring. I’m so excited to see God do truly amazing things through you as we come together to share the love of Jesus one song, one conversation, one heart at a time.

- JoeB

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