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The Modern Sugar Cookie

When I was a little girl, my mom always made cut-out sugar cookies for Christmas. I looked forward to them every year! She’d make the dough the night before, and with a twinkle in our eyes, my sister and I would sneak chunks of it from the fridge. The next thing we knew, we were sitting down at the kitchen table the next day with fully baked cookies, three different shades of icing, and lots of sprinkle choices to suite our decorating delights. Little did I know all the work that truly went into those cookies, until I was a mom and tried to do it myself!

I remember getting the kids all excited to ice sugar cookies, and they couldn’t wait… but they had to… for hours! I floured, rolled, cut out, messed up, and tried again! And again! And again! By the time I finally made a complete sheet of cookies, the kids had lost interest, and I totally didn’t blame them. I felt like a terrible mom! A failure! My mom made it look so easy! And I always had so much fun! I was denying my kids the joy of putting green icing on a wreath cut-out cookie, and topping it off with red hots. Or decorating a tree, cookie style. Or the stars with yellow sprinkles! Don’t forget about the stars!

I forgot about the stars and got over that guilt trip pretty quickly! I realized what I needed was a recipe that fit my schedule and time limitations a little better. One that was simple yet delicious. A“modern day” sugar cookie recipe if you will. And I found it! It’s called a “drop sugar cookie”. No making the day before, and most importantly, no rolling out and cutting – or ruining – the shapes. It’s just like the name suggests, “dropped” on the cookie sheet. Since I found this revolutionary recipe, I’ve never turned back!

It’s actually become a family favorite, the Christmas cookie I’m known for. Part of the secret to its deliciousness is my mother-in-laws homemade icing recipe. It’s worth taking the little extra step to make. You can buy the kind in a can, but they won’t taste the same! My husband says they are the only Christmas cookie I have to make, and he describes them as, “melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Never can eat just one!” So go ahead and try for yourself!