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Hosted by Meridith Foster at Northwestern Media


The Unfolding – Page 110 – Dmitri & Anya Poliakoff

Man and woman hugging outdoors

Growing up in the U.S.S.R., Dmitri and Anya Poliakoff had never heard the story of the Bible. From the time they were young, they had been told there is no God. They were restoration artists who studied some of the greatest painters in the history of art. Many of those paintings depicted the story of Jesus. The truth was right in front of them, but Dmitri and Anya had no idea. One small, smuggled Bible changed everything. Dmitri and Anya now lead A.D. Ventures Ministries, an association of more than 400 churches and mission groups across Russia.

The Unfolding is sponsored by Habeeb Habeeb, founder of the H Squared Leadership Institute.

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