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Hosted by Meridith Foster at Northwestern Media


The Unfolding – Page 93 – Lana Vasquez part 1 (From the Archives)

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Growing up in Southern California, Lana Vasquez (LAWN-uh VAW-skez) found herself looking for love in all the wrong places.  By the time she was a teenager she was trapped in an abusive relationship, addicted to alcohol and drugs, and spent her nights as a dancer in the clubs of Hollywood.  She was living a fast life, but even the glitz and glamour of Hollywood couldn’t hide the fact that she felt desperately empty.  Then at 19 years old, Lana heard the Gospel for the first time.  When God rescued her she knew she was called to rescue others.  Within 4 years Lana was a full-time missionary rescuing kids in Thailand through the ministry of Life Impact International.

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