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power of god changes lives fundraiser fall 2019

WCIC's Fall Fundraiser

101 % Raised


I lost my son last November. Although this is a time of trial, God is still working and still there. The song “Counting Every Blessing” reminds me of all the things that God has done in my life. Focusing on the good stuff helps me in my grieving time. I am so overwhelmed with the…


I came out of a 23+ year marriage that was very, very abusive. I didn’t know what to do or how to get out. One of the first songs that gave me strength was “Fear is a Liar.” When you’re that vulnerable, you want to go back. Every song you play feeds me and gets…


There was a time in my life that got dark. I had lost my dad. Everything that seemed like home was just gone. I decided that I was going to do the unthinkable. I went out to get in my car, and the song on the radio was “The Voice of Truth” saying “do not…


I just heard “Love Lifting Me” for the first time. Thank you! My mother-in-law suddenly passed away last night, and I really needed that song. I know my mother-in-law is with Jesus, and I am thrilled for that even though we are gonna miss her. I hear stories about “the right song at the perfect…

What Your Gift Does

You showed the love of Jesus to more than 1,800 women and men in prison through Christian concerts with WCIC artists at Logan, Taylorville, and Hill Correctional Centers.