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WCIC Spring Fundraiser

83 % Raised

We had WCIC playing in the kitchen one morning, and our foster son (who couldn’t speak) came running in singing along, “There’s no such thing as impossible!” Since then he has overcome many difficulties and talks all the time. He LOVES listening to WCIC. -Lora

I heard “Good, Good Father“ shortly after my dad passed away. It reminds me that even though my earthly father is gone, my Heavenly Father is always there for me. I had a bad day at work today and really needed that reminder. It came on as I drove home! -Pauline

WCIC helped me through a very tough time. While I was at Dixon Correctional Center, a friend of mine passed away. Tenth Ave North’s song “Control” really helped me give everything over to God and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. -Josh

I keep failing, and I feel like I can’t meet expectations anywhere. I got in my car after work and heard the song “You Say“ on WCIC. I pulled over on the highway and just cranked that song. I make mistakes. But that song reminds me I’m still worth something. –Katie

When I lost my mom, it was more painful than I could’ve imagined. WCIC played songs that gave me comfort so I had the strength to get up and get moving again. Just when I felt like life was giving up on me, you guys brought me back to life.  – Jolene

I finally got my driver’s license, and the first thing I did was tune my radio to WCIC. Just the right song comes on just when I need it most (sounds cliche, but true). And it’s not just one song. It’s the one after that and the one after that. -Alyssa

What Your Gift Does

This year, you showed the love of Jesus to more than 1,400 women and men in prison through Christian concerts with WCIC artists at Logan and Taylorville Correctional Centers.