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Come Together White Final

Summer Fundraiser


“I did some time in IDOC recently (a total of 3 years), and I first found WCIC in 2017. Over the next year, I came to love the people there. The music sometimes was literally the only time away I could find. Then, in 2018 I was moved and didn’t think I’d have WCIC anymore.…

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Kim in Lacon

“I love WCIC. It’s the only station I listen to, and now my younger kids, ages two and a half and three and a half, sing the songs. It’s so cute to watch them praise and worship Jesus. It can feel like everything is crumbling down around us, and it can get lonely, especially for…

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Rebecca in Pekin

“I was lying in bed… struggling, wrestling, praying, crying, asking God for something, not knowing what I needed exactly. Almost Home by MercyMe came on. It was the perfect lyrics for me right now. So, so thankful for music in my midnight hour, literally.”

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Denise in Galesburg

“I used to have a very bad temper. About 14 years ago, before I found WCIC and renewed my faith, I was under a lot of stress. I am a single mom and was working full-time at a grocery store while working from home as a cake decorator. I had a cake order due and…

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Allie in Groveland

My life has been very hard this past year. I lost my grandmother over the summer. Things just weren’t the same. I felt heartbroken. My grandma was the only person I felt safe to go to with my problems (besides God). I could go to my grandma and talk to her about my problems, and…

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What Your Gift Does

You showed the love of Jesus to more than 2,000 women and men in prison through Christian concerts with WCIC artists at Logan, Taylorville, Hill, and Jacksonville Correctional Centers.