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WCIC Is turning 40

Joe B


Our culture starts to look at age 40 as old, ”over the hill” or worse, irrelevant. But when I think of my life before I was 40, life in my forties was pretty amazing compared to other times in my life! I’ve gained a lot more perspective on who God is and what life is about. I’ve learned how those small acts of kindness and our mustard-seed faith really do matter in the long game!

WCIC is also celebrating its 40th birthday!

The famous preacher Charles Spurgeon gave a sermon on the subject of 40 years in 1874, sharing what we can learn about God from the Israelites' 40 years in the wilderness. His words were such an encouragement to me:

"We ought for the future to show more confidence in God if we have had forty years of his love: we should have more confidence in working for him that he will bless us, more confidence as to our personal weakness that he will strengthen us, more confidence as to the unknown future that through the great and terrible wilderness he will be with us... and more confidence as to the supply of all our needs, for as we have lacked nothing, so all things shall be freely supplied till we cross the river and eat the old corn of the land."

That’s the kind of faith I want to have. I want to be more confident in what God will do after we’ve seen His faithfulness for the past 40 years. I want to become more confident that God will continue to provide for our needs as we chase after Him! He is faithful and He hasn’t failed us yet.

WCIC has been listener-supported since it began in 1983.

That’s 40 years of listeners faithfully giving to keep this ministry strong. I am so encouraged when I think of the countless number of faithful believers praying to keep this station strong over these forty years. If that is you, THANK YOU!

And like the many who gave over the years to bring us to 40, your support is key to bringing the incredible hope in Jesus over the next 40 years!

Our Fall Fundraiser is October 3rd-6th

Thank you for praying that God moves on the hearts of His people to see the ministry of WCIC fully funded. We believe God still has so much to accomplish in this community through WCIC!

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Written by: Joe Buchanan  |  Station Manager