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WCIC Leadership Change

Station Manager Dave Brooks Transitioning

"I love this team. I love our mission. I love our listening family. I'm deeply grateful for my time here and am confident the Lord has a bright future ahead for the ministry of WCIC." -Dave Brooks

Since coming to WCIC nearly 33 years ago, Dave has guided this ministry through a myriad of changes in the broadcast industry and has seen tremendous growth in the ministry. Beginning February 1, he'll be stepping down from his full-time role as manager and into a consulting role with the station.

Here's the audio announcement, in case you missed hearing it on-air:

As the station enters this season of transition, we sat down for a visit with Dave…

You’ll soon be completing your time as station manager, but you will still be connected with the station. Tell us more about your new role.

I’ve been invited to work closely with the new manager as a consultant and feel deeply honored. The search for the new leader is going well, and we’re working already to ensure a smooth, strong hand-off. I’ll still help with the WCIC Marriage Celebrations in February and will lead the Israel trip in March. So I’ll be around, just in a different capacity. We’ve joked about changing my title to “Station Manager Emeritus."

What drew you to radio ministry?

During and after college, I had the opportunity to play bass with music groups touring the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, and China for about a year and a half. I saw the power of Christian music while on the road each day. After returning to my home in St. Louis, I wanted to continue to work in music ministry and became involved in radio. Seeing the tremendous impact Christian music made in the lives of listeners convinced me it was a great way to invest my life. I’ve LOVED having a front row seat, watching God at work transforming lives!

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in radio since you started in 1984?

When I began, we played vinyl records on turntables. It was a constant, high-energy race to get the next record cued up in time. It was a blast, but now, digital music automation allows air talent to focus more on the content we bring to the mic instead of getting our records ready. Now, it’s more about interacting with the listening family and creating a meaningful story together.

What’s one of your favorite stories you’ve heard from a listener?

I’m still in awe from the numerous times listeners have told us they were ready to give up on life when just the right song—with just the right message—came on the air at just the right time. There are many families who have been spared unthinkable pain because of how the Lord has used the station.

One woman shared how one morning she had planned to cross the line into an affair with a co-worker later that day. While getting ready for work, she heard a lyric that stopped her in her tracks: “You only get just one time around. You only get one shot at this...This one ride, one try, one life to love.” She was shaken to her senses and broke off the relationship. She was there to raise her children and avoided a whole lot of pain for a lot of people.

I love seeing the power of God’s Truth… set to art… delivered by technology… right into everyday life.

Radio is known for high employee turnover. When you started, did you think you’d be with WCIC for all these years?

When I arrived in 1987, I told the team that my bags were unpacked. I didn't see central Illinois as a stepping stone for my career but a calling. My goal was to roll up our sleeves and do everything we could to make a difference. It was never a question of how long I’d be at WCIC. I only knew that I loved being here and would make a change only if I felt the Lord directing me into another Kingdom assignment.

So that time has now come. What will your new assignment look like?

It’s a worship ministry. My wife, Donna, is a songwriter, and she and I have been leading worship together for a long time. Several years ago, our son, Wes, began playing percussion with us, and we’ve been leading as a family for conferences and special services at various churches in the region. Last year, in addition to my work at the station, we led worship for around 60 services and events. It got to a point where I was occasionally pulling all-nighters, just keeping up. We’ve had a growing sense over the past year of a coming shift in my ministry assignment. We’re excited about what’s ahead, but it’s also hard to step back from something that means so much to us.

How can the WCIC listening family be praying for you?

I’d appreciate prayers for wisdom, for creativity, and ultimately… for the touch of God upon our ministry efforts. Our hearts’ desire is to help people experience the glory of Jesus and be transformed.

In some ways, what we’ll be doing feels to me like it will be building upon the foundation of my work at the station. Prayer from the WCIC family as you may happen to think of us will mean a lot to Donna, Wes, and me.

"I wish I could sit across from every person...

...who has prayed, who has invested financially, who's volunteered with WCIC over the years... and just tell you personally how much you mean to me and to this team. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been a part of this ministry, together with you. Thank you. And may the Lord pour His blessing and favor upon your life!" 

- Dave Brooks, WCIC Station Manager 1987-2020

Drop a Note

If you'd like to drop a note to reflect on a specific way the Lord has used the station to make a difference in your life over the years, hearing your story will mean a lot to Dave and the team as we celebrate the faithfulness of the Lord together, throughout our WCIC community.

Farewell, Fearless Leader!

Dave Brooks is someone I am honored to call a friend and someone who models Jesus in the way he lives his life. It's a great challenge and encouragement to me, being around him and seeing the example he sets. Dave has been there for me so many times, and he truly cares about the people in his life, but don't take my word for it. Just ask anyone who's ever known or encountered him, and you'll know it's true! Working for Dave has been a true pleasure, and I am excited for what God will do through him and through his family in this new adventure. Thank you for all you have poured into this ministry (and me), Dave!
- Brian Williamsen

Bird poop in my hair. That's one of my first memories shared with Dave Brooks. As I was walking into the station for my very first staff meeting, a bird pooped on my head. I was so embarrassed! I had no choice but to just walk into the station, and Dave was the first one to greet me. So there's me, the girl with zero radio experience, standing next to the legendary Dave Brooks with bird poop in my hair! And I'll never forget what he said. "Life is show prep, Janine! And you just got a great story to tell!" That's Dave. Always seeing the bright side. Making you feel good about yourself in the midst of an uncomfortable moment. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel. The hope. And he has a way of gently pointing you in its direction. In that bird poop moment, he taught me to not be afraid to embrace the messiness of life. He actually gets how the messy is part of the story. It's who we are at certain points in our lives, and we need to talk about it. Dave is so much like Jesus. He sees potential in unpolished people. He uses story to teach lessons. He lives his life by loving God and loving others. And even though his chapter at WCIC is ending, God still has an assignment for Dave Brooks. Dave will continue to love and serve God with all his heart, no doubt. I just hope he can do it with no bird poop in his hair!
- Janine Fairchild

I was thinking today while running a lunch errand in my car, "Thank God that He brought me to work at WCIC six years ago!" Working here has taught me more about unconditional love than anything else in my life did, and that is due to the character of the people I've worked with, Dave being the role model for all of us. Dave has witnessed so much in my journey these past six years, and he has done so with compassion, grace, and wisdom. I think that years from now, one of my greatest accomplishments will be that I got to serve alongside Dave Brooks for the final six years of his station management at WCIC. There is no better school for who I want to be.
- Kira Kyle

It's impossible to define Dave Brooks. He has this otherworldly way of building you up in spirit while building you up in character. I first met Dave in the summer of 1995. I was 25 and had the emotional and spiritual maturity of a 10-year-old. I needed to grow up in so many ways, and I know God led me to work under Dave's leadership for this very reason. I was still immature when I moved on to Charlotte for five years at the end of 1998, but a solid foundation had been laid. Coming back to partner with Dave in ministry for another 15 years was an honor and a joy. And oh how God has used Dave to encourage me again and again. And he's encouraged my marriage too many times to count. Working with Dave (because he always made you feel like you were so much more than an employee) is one of the highlights of my life! Thank you for all your years of service at WCIC, Dave, and may God bless your new chapter for His purposes. We love you and Donna and Wes!
- Jill Tracey

In 2004, I met Dave Brooks for the first time. Before that, Dave was only someone I had heard about through my wife who had worked for him in the 90s. I quickly understood why my wife, Jill, said Dave was the person she respected the most as a person living out his faith. I had the honor of working with him for 15 years. Dave and I saw each other when we were at our best and our worst (well, my worst), and through it all, I can say Dave is the person I respect the most as a person who genuinely lives out his faith. Dave, you have served at WCIC with grace and integrity! Thanks for being you, and thanks for being my friend.
- Jeremy Tracey

Dave Brooks is the REAL DEAL! I was so thankful for his leadership with a Christ-focused goal of loving and challenging each person to a higher level. Many a time I left his office wondering how in the world there is that much wisdom in one person. What a gift in leadership he has that has been shared with us. Dave, may God richly bless you in your next adventures.
- Suzanne Happs