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“We just knew that God said do it, so we did.” – Chris Scotland

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When my wife and I lived in Houston, we had an amazing community of believers that we hung out with on a regular basis. I remember one Christmas when a couple in our group was struggling financially.

Mel and I didn’t have a lot of extra money, but we felt like God was saying, “Give them what you have.” For a young couple like us, to give them our final $300 was a big deal, but we wanted to obey God.

So, we took out the money in cash. We had our kids write the name of the family on an envelope (so they couldn’t trace it back to us), and we went over to their house, with about five other couples, for coffee. Before we left, I had my wife distract them, and I said I needed to “use the restroom.” As they weren’t looking, I slipped the envelope in the tree and then came back into the room, and we left for home.

A couple things happened. 1. It was hard for Mel and me to reach into our bank account and take out that money. 2. The instant we did, the dread we were feeling and the uneasiness we had went away and was instantly replaced with a feeling of joy.

We had never done anything like this before. We just knew that God said do it, so we did.

The amazing feeling of helping someone else was soooo fun, and we laughed all the way home. We dreamed about how they’d find it. We thought about what they’d look like when they realized it was there. We wondered if they would guess it was us or think it was one of the other couples there that night. I wondered if I hid that thing too well. Still, we got so much joy out of giving that we didn’t realize what we were receiving.

We received laughter and all the goodness of being kind and listening to God. We didn’t once stop to think about what we’d do with that money if we hadn’t given it away. We just thought about how they’d be able to use that money during the holiday season to help take a little financial stress off.

You have a unique opportunity to be the one giving away a blessing. WCIC will celebrate the stories of lives changed March 8-11, during WCIC’s Spring Fundraiser. You’ll hear about how God is working through the ministry to help families just like yours Walk Free in Him. And when you get involved before Monday, March 7 at 11:59 PM with your financial gift, you’ll be entered into the Double Blessing drawing.

The winner will receive $1,000 for them and $2,000 to give away. A Double Blessing to help others Walk Free in their finances.

So, not only will your gift bless WCIC and keep the message of Hope that Jesus offers in Central Illinois, you could also be doubly blessed in the drawing.

You can find out more about the Double Blessing and give a gift when you click here.

As excited as we are about the Double Blessing, we’re equally excited to thank Bob Lindsay Honda and Bob Lindsay Acura.  They believe in the work of WCIC and said let us help you with the double blessing by providing the giveaway funds.

Thank you for praying for WCIC’s Spring Fundraiser. Thank you for listening and telling your friends and family about the Hope that only Jesus offers. Thank you!

Oh, and you might be wondering if our friends found out who gave them the money. We don’t know. They’ve never said anything, and we’ve never said anything, and that’s another way that God is still blessing us today.

I just want you to know that God, the Creator of the Universe, loves you! And there’s nothing you can do about that fact.

Chris Scotland