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World’s Greatest Dad

Congratulations to Ted from Green Valley! With more than 1,000 votes, he has been crowned “World’s Greatest Dad.”

His daughter, Sarah, shared why he is the World’s Greatest COVID Wedding Coordinator:

“On May 30th, I was supposed to travel out to Colorado with family and friends and say ‘I Do’ to my best friend of six years. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we received the phone call many brides and grooms are dreading – our venue canceled on us. I was devastated. A day that I had dreamed about since I was a little girl just crumbled before me.

“After much thought, it was decided that it would be best to hold our small wedding somewhere that we wouldn’t have to risk being canceled on again – my parents’ farm. With less than two months to go before our big day, we scrapped every detail of our old wedding plans and brainstormed new.

“During my next visit home, my dad drove me around the land three generations of our family has grown up on, pointing out spots he thought would be suitable for a ceremony. He didn’t blink an eye when I chose one of our old barns – a beautiful wooden structure that was built in 1920. Everything this 100-year-old barn has been through over the years undoubtedly showed. We had our work cut out for us.

“My dad didn’t hesitate to use his vacation time at work to spend his days mowing, weed-eating, cleaning sheds, landscaping, fixing roofs, and tearing down old structures at home. He didn’t complain when I asked if we could string lights through the barn, even though that meant electricity needed to be run to it. He never told me no when I showed him my Pinterest inspirations – no matter what power tools were involved. He didn’t object when I asked for help hanging one more decoration even though I promised it was the last one too many times to count. He didn’t back out of setting up the finishing touches even though the governor opened the nearby lake for fishing the day before our wedding.

“If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have told you that a wedding on a farm in Illinois could never compare with one atop a beautiful mountain landscape in Colorado. But, if you ask me now, I would tell you that my father poured his heart and soul into giving my husband and I a day that we will remember forever. A day so beautiful that I could have never even imagined it as a little girl. A day so magical that a Colorado mountain top couldn’t compare. For a guy who seems to believe that a new pair of overalls should be considered formal attire and Allis Chalmers orange is the only color to exist, he makes a pretty phenomenal wedding coordinator.

“I am not afraid to admit that my father set the bar high for the man I married. Because of my dad, I have always grown up knowing what selfless love and actions look like, what it means to have someone you can depend on, how a husband should care for his wife, how a father should care for his children, and what I should never accept less than.”

Ted has won a brand new Traeger Grill, thanks to Samaritan Ministries!

Happy Father’s Day!

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