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Yes! Your Marriage Can Be Happy…

Those online dating commercials! Can you say gag? The couples fawning all over each other, laughing, and enjoying finding each other. Wait until they’ve been married a couple years, right? The stress of life and the annoying things that get under your skin will rip that joy right out of their relationship. That’s just the way it is.


Oh, I too have a masters degree in cynicism, but I was challenged recently to swim upstream when it comes to the “natural” course of marriage. It’s true, life is tiring and can take a toll on even the best of marriages, but there are things we can do to inject our marriages with joy.

HOWEVER…just like those pesky 10 or 20 pounds that won’t lose themselves, this isn’t going to happen without some input from us. That’s why it’s called work. But, with a little bit of it, we could find ourselves enjoying life and marriage more than we’d ever thought possible. Here are some ideas to get you going from our friends at Thriving Family:

On CHOOSING to Enjoy Marriage

On Making your Marriage HAPPY

OK, so who’s ready to do this thing? Let’s get talking, laughing, and choosing our way to, if not happy-ever-after, at least happy-more-than-not.



Special Note: What if your marriage feels hopeless? What if your spouse would never choose to work at it with you? I understand your situation may be very different and possibly painful. The folks at Focus on the Family have some hope for you with an offer for counseling on the phone or in your community.