Barnabas Center

Counseling in Peoria, IL

1831 N Knoxville Ave. Peoria, IL 61603 309-688-9282

Bethany Baptist Church

Counseling in Peoria, IL.

7422 N Heinz Ln. Edwards, IL 61528 309-692-1755

Illinois Mentor Community Services

Counseling in Peoria, IL

4507 N Sterling Ave. Ste. 401 Peoria, IL 61615 309-566-5525

John R. Day Christian Psychological Associates

Counseling in Peoria, IL.

3716 W Brighton Ave. Peoria, IL 61615 309-692-7755

Peoria Area Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Counseling in Peoria, IL

329 E Lake St. Ste. 4 Peoria, IL 61614 309-687-1329

Teen Challenge

Counseling in Peoria, IL

311 S Olive St. Peoria, IL 61612 309-673-3716

The Antioch Group

Counseling in Peoria, IL.

6615 N Big Hollow Rd Peoria, IL 61615 309-692-6622

Woodford County Heartline & Heart House

Woodford County Heartline is a crisis agency for those in Woodford County and are in a short term crisis situation and are needing assistance with food, medicine, utilities, rent, etc.

Heart House is a shelter for woman and children who are homeless or victims of domestic violence and are residents of Woodford County (plus the Tazwell County portions of Washington).

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Eurkea, IL 309-467-6103