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-PSALM 66:19
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2 1/2 year old needs prayers please

Jennifer Zimmerman for Anneliese Carter

I was notified this morning that one of my daycare children 2 1/2 yr old Anneliese is having seizures . This is what we know so far.....She began having seizures around 11pm that lasted off and on for about an hour with a few since then. She has an ear infection in one ear. She is getting spots in a few places- they're going to keep an eye on with the HFM. Her heart murmur is still there. Took blood, she did great with the needle and everything! Still waiting on labs from blood work and urine and the neurologist to come. Going to do an EEG this morning.... they have been put in a room and are waiting on word from the doctor this morning , please pray for her! Note: HFM= hand foot and mouth. We have several cases as of yesterday here at daycare. Also please Pray I can wipe all the germs away today During my intense cleaning. (My 4 year old also contracted it last night so this will be an adventure in cleaning)

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