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-PSALM 66:19
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Addiction prayer


Please continue to pray for my fiance' to totally change his life around and rid himself of these demonic addictions.These addictions will eventually kill him. He doesn't want these addictions in his life. He has had God move in his life recently, and is willing to go to church to get prayer from the prayer team. He is continuing couseling, and he is finally ready to do all he can to be free from these addictions. He's willing to check out Celebrate Recovery and AA finally. He's finally willing to change his life around 100%. But the enemy can discourage him so easily,so please continue to pray he will stick to his commitment to change his life around. I suggested to him to change his work environment and get a different job since all his coworkers are addicts.please pray for Gods guidance that this could be a possibility. An option could be that he applies at the major corporation where I am employed. He says he loves Jesus and wants to live for God and change his life around. Pray that God will intervene and help him do this. He needs to get involved in a church, I do too. He needs male mentors and support people. We are actively looking for more help for him. I know that God can bring this miracle of a new life for him. Thank you for praying!

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