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-PSALM 66:19
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Baby Natalie

Jill Ridgley

My granddaughter was born 1/18/18 with her intestines on the outside of her. As of Monday they had been placed inside of her and Tuesday she went in for surgery to be closed up. Surgery went fine, but she is in a lot of pain. She will need to have bowel movements on her own and be able to eat on her own before she can go home. She is in NICU and my son and his girlfriend are at the Ronald McDonald house. I pray that God keeps his hands over this little family. They have been really good parents considering what they have been through, but I know it's been God that has kept them positive and strong. My son is in there reading books and talking with Natalie every day. I pray that God takes all the pain away from Natalie and guide her to be able to nurse so she can go home. She will be there for at least 2 more weeks and it's killing my son and his girlfriend that they can't hold her or kiss on her. Thank you

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